Quantum Formalism 2022 Hackathon

Showcase your mathematical knowledge in code!

Pure Mathematics + Quantum Computing

I’m pleased to announce that we’ll be running a 5-day quantum hackathon after Module II! Unfortunately, due to logistics reasons, at this stage, we’re capping the number of teams to a maximum of 15 teams. The following will also apply:

  • A team can only be composed of a maximum of three people.

  • There will be cash prizes for teams that demonstrate the use of the mathematics covered in the upcoming Module II (Lie Groups, Lie Algebras & Representations) and an automatic (optional) internship opportunity with my company and partner companies.

  • All the code/assets generated in the hackathon will be open-sourced.

  • To be considered for the hackathon you need to apply via this Google form https://forms.gle/kvP7W4W9bkAGYK8NA.

After the current crash course, I’ll host two Q&A sessions, one about the industry career fellowship scheme that was announced a couple of weeks ago and another about this hackathon.

Have a great week, see you at the next lecture!


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