Quantum Industry Fellowship Scheme

Industry career opportunities.

Hello quantum enthusiasts,

I’m delighted to announce a pilot quantum career fellowship scheme aimed at placing the top community members who graduate from our courses with our company or partner companies.

Would you like to be considered? If yes, please fill out this form https://forms.gle/hFN2t3t86Zw6U1Fy6. After the final lecture of the Topology crash course, I’ll hold a session on Discord with those who expressed interest to explain the requirements and judging criteria that my company will follow. 

Since this is a pilot, we expect the initial version of the fellowship scheme to be extremely competitive because we'll have limited places to offer. So please bear this in mind when expressing interest!

On a side note, the registration for tomorrow’s live session is open https://www.crowdcast.io/e/topology-crash-course-3. I’ll also make some remarks about the fellowship scheme before the main lecture.

See you tomorrow on July 30 at 5 pm BST!


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