Upcoming Live Q&A

Course certification and career tips.

Hello quantum enthusiasts,

Just a reminder that I will be hosting a live Q&A session this Friday https://www.crowdcast.io/e/course-certification-career-tips. Initially, the session was intended for clarifications regarding the foundation module certification. However, recently I have been receiving plenty of CVs thanks to the course! So I'll also give some tips on what I'm looking for in terms of STEM talent acquisition and what I think people should highlight in their CVs/Resumes rather than the very frequent: 

I completed Company XYZ's quantum challenge and scored blah blah blah.

Be warned, my tips will be mostly based on my experience as one of the person’s responsible for STEM talent acquisition in my company. But there will be some tips that I hope will apply to any private commercial deep-tech research-oriented company.

Finally, the webinar 'Performance of Domain-Wall Encoding for Quantum Annealing' is now available on YouTube.

Have a great week and see you there!


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