Module II Crash Course Prerequisite: Basic Real Analysis

Hello quantum enthusiasts,

Just a quick follow up about the upcoming crash course starting June 25. For the Point-Set Topology section, you only need the set-theoretic concepts mentioned here. However, when we get into the standard topology section via metric spaces, it will also help if you know some basics of real analysis including; open intervals, closed intervals, half-open intervals, etc. John K. Hunter from UC Davis has this publicly available introduction to analysis lecture notes that you can download here.

I’ll challenge you a lot on the abstraction front to help you feel comfortable working with abstract concepts before we start Module II later this year. So be ready to take the abstraction red pill! :) To those aspiring to one day make non-trivial theoretical contributions in physics or quantum information. It's my view (biased) that the more sophisticated mathematics you learn, the better positioned & equipped you will be.

Finally, you may find these notes entitled 'Geometric Deep Learning: Grids, Groups, Graphs, Geodesics, and Gauges' interesting and good motivation to take Module II.

See you all on Friday, 25th June (5 pm BST)!


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