Lecture 9 Replay + The Next Steps

Topology & Differential Geometry crash course

Hello Quantum Formalists,

The replay of lecture 9 is now available on the YouTube playlist. There was a minor technical typo/mistake on PART A which has now been blurred on YouTube and I've updated the slides. As an exercise, you are encouraged to try to figure out what the typo/mistake was! Also, if you spot any more technical typos/mistakes, please feel free to reach out to me via Discord or email.

In the meantime, I would like to share the following with you:

  • Crash Course Conclusion: This was the last session for this crash course that is aimed at introducing the notion of a 'smooth manifold' before Module II (Lie Groups, Lie Algebras & Representations). So mission accomplished and you are now ready to take on Module II (early next year)! For those who are still struggling with the fundamentals, I highly recommend that you use the gap to the next module to catch up.

I am also tempted to provide extra sessions covering advanced topics that were not part of the crash course e.g. fibre bundles. I'll keep you posted about this on Discord!

  •  Certification of Attendance: For those confirming that they've audited the entire crash course via the live lectures or the YouTube playlist. I'll take the confirmation at face value! A PDF only certificate will be issued.

  • Certification of Completion: For those who can prove that they've got the basic knowledge that was covered in the manifold section i.e. must know the basics of topological manifolds and smooth manifolds. A fancy digital certificate will be issued using Accredible (see a real example here)!

To request either of the certificates above, please fill out this form. If you've already filled it, you don't need to do anything, I will follow up with you asap.

  •  Industry Fellowship Scheme: I'll try to get a schedule asap to host a session about the industry career fellowship scheme. It will be only for those who express interest via this form that was shared a couple of weeks ago. If you've already filled it, you don't need to do anything, I will follow up with you asap.

Have a great week!


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