Lecture #2: A Brief Introduction to Group Theory

Hello everyone,

Just to let you know that lecture 2 is now available on YouTube (see the link below). The session was carefully delivered taking into consideration the pre-lecture survey where most people said they have never been exposed to group theory. This includes a sizable number that don't feel comfortable with mathematical abstraction. Hence, many important group-theoretic concepts were left out of the session. However, these will be covered in the Matrix Groups section where an extra revision session on abstract group theory will be given to fill any gaps.

The sessions agenda was:

  • Binary Operations on Sets

  • Group Theory Axioms

  • Additive Notation

  • 2x1 Complex Additive Matrix Group

  • 2x2 Complex Matrices

  • General Linear Group of 2x2 of Complex Matrices aka GL(2, C)

  • GL(2, C) Left Action

  • GL(2, C) Commutator

  • Study Material Comment

One of the coolest moments seem to be the GL(2, C) Commutator section!:)

Slides & Study Materials: https://github.com/quantumformalism/2020-math-lectures/tree/master/foundation-module/lecture-02

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