Lecture #1 Reschedule

Topology Crash Course.

Hello quantum enthusiasts,

Unfortunately, I am now attending a funeral service on June 25! This means I can no longer do the first crash course lecture on June 25 as initially planned. However, I have the following alternative dates for you:

  • Thursday, June 24 (5pm BST) i.e. the day before the original date?

  • Tuesday, June 29 (5pm BST).

  • Friday, July 2 (5pm BST).

To let me know about your preference above, please fill out this google form https://forms.gle/zHGnsa7AhHjHjQU38.

Finally, please do not forget to review the basic set-theoretic and real analysis concepts that I mentioned during our last Q&A session (see YouTube replay here).

With this, I wish you a happy week!


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