Lecture #03

Hi everyone,

Apologies again to those who did not receive the Crowdcast invite link to join the live session! Going forward, we’ll be sharing the access details in our Gitter community channel around 10 minutes before going alive: https://gitter.im/quantumformalism/community

It was a lightweight introduction to rings and fields before next week's introduction to complex vector spaces. The topics covered in the session were:

  • Additive Groups Axioms (Recap)

  • Ring Axioms

  • Ring Examples

  • Integral Domains

  • 2x2 Complex Matrix Ring

  • Matrix Ring Commutators

  • Pauli Matrices Commutator Challenge

  • Definition of Field

  • Study Material Comment

There was an alpha missing in the identity 6 of the commutators section on the slide! I have now updated the slide and uploaded it to GitHub: https://github.com/quantumformalism/2020-math-lectures/tree/master/foundation-module/lecture-03

Many thanks,