Group Commutator Warning + Chat Community Volunteers

Hello quantum enthusiasts,

Just a quick note for those who decide to take up the ‘group commutator’ homework challenge:

Be aware when using existing software packages to compute the commutator as it will most likely be using the commutator à la Heisenberg i.e. [A,B] = AB - BA as opposed to the group commutator that was defined for GL(2, C) in the lecture! The reason I’m bringing this to your attention, is that while going through the chat to check questions that I might have missed, someone was asking if the commutator could be zero? Well, the answer is no, the GL(2, C) commutator as we defined it cannot be zero, though it can be the identity matrix I when A and B commute. However, next week we’ll get closer to the Heisenberg type of commutator when we define it on the ring M_2(C) and so in that case [A, B] can be zero.

Lecture Community Moderator

Firstly, apologies that I misspoke some words during the early parts of lecture 2 due to the distraction of Google slides jumping and checking up the chatroom! The good news is that the written stuff on the slides are ok and so you can just ignore the misspoken words from me!:) This brings me to the need of getting someone join me onstage to help check if there are questions or whether there are connections issues instead of me constantly double-checking.

Rather than getting someone from Zaiku Group, I would like to try out those of you who have been attending all the live lectures so far. Ideally, those who said on the survey that they are comfortable with mathematical abstraction and so will most likely be able to assimilate abstract concepts faster to help others on the chat. So please fill out the following Google Form if you are interested:

As a reward, we will issue a special badge after the course for those who volunteer. Plus, volunteers will have the priority on being selected to be the hosts for our fireside chats with guests from the industry and academia!

Finally, please feel free to join our Gitter community:

Many thanks,

Bambordé Baldé

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