Certificate of Attendance versus Certificate of Completion + Quantum Webinar

Topology & Differential Geometry crash course.

Hello Quantum Formalists,

As we approach the end of the current crash course, I am planning to issue two certificates:

  • Certificate of Attendance: for those confirming that they've audited the entire crash course via the live lectures or the YouTube playlist. I'll take the confirmation at face value! A PDF only certificate will be issued.

  • Certificate of Completion:  for those who can prove that they've got the basic knowledge that was covered in the manifold section i.e. know the basics of topological manifolds and most importantly, the basics of smooth manifolds. A fancy digital certificate will be issued using Accredible (see a sneak preview here)! :)

    For some community members, in particular those that have been consistently attending the live sessions, I'm very confident that they've got the basic knowledge! If you are one them, please direct message me on our Discord server at the end of the next session so we can work out something. If you are not on Discord, you can just email me by replying to this newsletter.

    For the others, one way could be you going through or submitting your solutions to the homework challenges (manifold section only)?

Anyway, if you would like to be considered for either of the certificates, please express your interest via this form https://forms.gle/3zeYruFU4Noibuan8. I’ll follow up with you after the next session.

Quantum Webinar

Next Tuesday (3pm GMT) we’ll have a talk by Dr Ryuji Takagi from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. He’ll present about their recent ArXiv paper entitled ‘ Fundamental limits of quantum error mitigation’. The registration page to attend is up via https://www.crowdcast.io/e/fundamental-limits-of-quantum-error-mitigation/register.

Have a great week!


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